Short Selling by Cologny Advisors LLP

What is Cologny Advisors LLP shorting in Europe?

  • Track most recent short selling activities by Cologny Advisors LLP across Europe,
  • Understand which companies, sectors and countries is Cologny Advisors LLP shorting in Europe, and
  • Spot short selling activities of other hedge funds and get an overall, European perspective:

Top European shorts (all short sellers with shorts >0.5% considered)

Why you should track EU shorts via Breakout POINT

Up to now, we have cleaned and processed 3 short positions of Cologny Advisors LLP. Our short selling records for Cologny Advisors LLP start on 2017-06-21 and are updated with the latest short interest disclosures.

Last update on: 2017-09-06 15:36 UTC