Activist Short Reports in W18

Activist Short Reports in W18

  • This week, we recorded two new campaigns. While one of the targeted shares ended the week about 29.5% lower, the other is unchanged.
  • We highlight new $2bn target of Citron which is allegedly yet another stock trying to make the most out of the COVID-19 situation. We also note another Citron development as they released an update on GSX Techedu, US-listed education company in China. Citron provides further supposed evidence which should support its initial thesis. They called for the SEC to investigate. 
  • Furthermore, we look at WUBA, the target of Grizzly Research. This allegedly China Hustle 2.0 stock might be in the process of getting bought out. Grizzly believes this is merely a ruse. 
  • Lastly, we briefly examine if, as proposed by Marc Cohodes, there should be a ten days minimum holding period for those that publicly advocate a long or short position.

However, before we dive into the new short campaigns, we will leave here Friday's tweet by a very famous CEO, which left us scratching our heads and thinking if we should include it in our database among short calls:

Note that Tesla closed about 10.3% lower on the day of this tweet.

New Campaigns

Another COVID-19 related short report 

At least this is what Citron Research had in focus as they targeted Inovio Pharmaceuticals (INO), a $2bn biotech firm this week. Citron did not hold back and called INO a public version of Theranos, the infamous biotech whose founder is facing federal fraud charges.

The reason for this allegation were the circumstances under which INO should have developed a COVID-19 vaccine. The company claims it has used its proprietary computer algorithm to develop a vaccine in just...

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