Swarm it like Robinhooders: MRNA and TSLA

Swarm it like Robinhooders: MRNA and TSLA
  • More than 60k people at Robinhood added Moderna (MRNA) to their portfolio on Wednesday, July 15. According to our records, this is a record day at Robinhood in terms of daily increase in number of people holding a single stock. This tops 49k we recorded for Tesla (TSLA) just two days before that, on July 13.* 

  • To provide perspective on 60k new holders of MRNA, we also looked at currently 20 most popular stocks at Robinhood, and depicted their 'best days' in terms of new holders. The most popular Robinhood stock, Ford is on third place with 'mere' 34k additions in one day:

The Robinhood crowds and activist shorts

The first half of 2020 also saw many activist short selling campaigns targeting companies that captured a lot of  interests of newly minted retail traders, usually operating through Robinhood. 

We denote related short calls 'inverse Robinhood strategies'. While some of these targets have been declining recently as the hype left them, many are still substantially up even after the short-seller raised serious allegations about the businesses. Most interesting examples can include Cytodyn (CYDY), biotech short of Culper Research which is up over 250% or Wins Finance Holdings, a recent target of Hindenburg which is up roughly 10%.

Emergence of so called 'retail bros' in H1, will, we except, translate into even higher importance of retail investors in H2. At Breakout Point this includes tracking and flagging of all relevant retails flows, such as, global retail investors activities, Robinhood's swarming, Dave Portnoy's views and developments at r/wallstreetbets.

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