Retail Flows November 17

Retail Flows November 17

Today in premarket on November 17 we are seeing the following stocks with estimated high retail interest: 

Positive Retail Sentiment

Today's notable positive retail sentiment stocks in the list include CVS Health (CVS), FuelCell (FCEL), Costco (COST), McKesson (MCK), and Wal-Mart (WMT). Finally there is also esla (TSLA) but only in terms of very high estimated retail flows.

First of all, we are estimating a very significant retail flow (but a rather balanced retail sentiment) regarding the ultimate EV play, TSLA. This is because of the event that many have been waiting for, the inclusion of the company into S&P500. Many Reddit threads started to celebrate the addition of the company as the share price reaction is expected to be positive. The shares are up over 10% pre-market. Some were a bit more conservative and cautioned against entering into new positions. 

Anyhow, it's a Tesla day at r/wallstreetbets and memes are in full-swing $TSLA, Lord of S&P500, Papa Musk is back, and Elon delivers the goods.

Others on Twitter pointed to the share dynamic and the potential for a continuation of the short squeeze. 

Other than that today's list features several stocks which are usually not the most frequently talked about companies in the retail space. 

There were two pharmaceutical companies that got into retailers' crosshair, CVS and MCK. Both operate distribution networks for drugs. Both are up big (more than 20% up) since the vaccine news. There is a bullish narrative that the companies will be able to benefit from taking part in the supply chain of the vaccine as per below. 

The usual r/wallstreetbets threads popped up with some asking whether to buy more or sell with the comment section saying it is better to take the gains. This might prove as a sound move today as both stocks are in the red due to Amazon announcing the launch of their own pharmacy solution. 

Another two stocks which are usually not visible in our list are retailers, COST and WMT. The first one made the list likely due to the announcement of a $10 per share special dividend (some Redditors wanted to make sure others know how this can affect their options) and also because of WMT's results. Walmart reported positive earnings as they have beaten expectations and signalled overall better macro picture. Reddit also highlighted their self-driving partnership with GM, others were asking about what they should do with their call options. 

Finally, we saw significant interest in FCEL, an alternative energy stock which skyrocketed over 30% yesterday and is up over 10% pre-market. This interest likely stems from the expectation of the US policy regarding green and renewable energy sources. The Biden administration has spurred a rally in all-things green and FCEL now seems to yet another retail favourite. r/pennystocks started to discuss why FCEL could be the next PLUG (which went from around $4 per share to $25 per share within a couple of months). 

Dominant retail selling pressure

Finally, we mention tickers with estimated dominant retail selling pressure: M SBUX SONO.

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